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BIP BIP Yacht Provisioning

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Address: Pº Maritimo 37, Palma Shore Drive Palma De Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain 07014

Tel: +34 871 71 10 71

W: http://www.bipbip.co.uk
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A great supermarket

, Chef of 20m to 30m S/Y On Liberty - 22/09/2014-11:09
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BipBip has helped me out many times, especially when I require foods I cannot normally get in the Med.
It has a little bit of everything, and Aza makes it his mission to make sure he gets everything on the list.
I would definitely recommend for any yacht provisioning in Palma...

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Amazing service!

, Chef of 31m to 40m Zulu - 15/09/2014-09:34
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I have been using Aza (Bip Bip) all season. We have been a very busy boat with as little as two-hour turn arounds. Aza has always been there with all the goods as requested. Not only is he always on time but every item purchased is of the best quality and I am always impressed but what I receive. Hands down Bip Bip has been such a joy to work with and as a chef they have made my life much easier in the galley. They are an excellent provisions company and I highly recommend them to any chef working in Mallorca.

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Great business

, Stewardess/Cook of 20m to 30m Freelance - 13/09/2014-09:35
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Aza and the Bip store are fantastic, speedy and professional. They can source the things you may struggle to find and are always offering solutions to sourcing produce. If they can't find what your looking for, they will offer the next best thing. Absolutely fantastic service with big smiles. Will always continue to use the Bip store.

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M/Y Aurelia 37M - Heesen

- 19/04/2013-16:27
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Amazing selection of international and gourmet items, great great service, quality products...
Keep up the good job!

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