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"Quality stock, jus and glace for cooking on board a yacht"

Bonemasters Europe offers top-quality stock, jus and glace to the superyacht industry. Experts in cooking traditional stocks and reductions, it guarantees premium quality and consistency every time a meal is prepped on board a yacht.

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Address: Transport NJS Farmia. Pal St Isidore Bat F Zone 6, Box 21 Nice, France / Monaco 06284

Operating in: France / Monaco

Tel: +33 (0)6 22 01 29 56

Bonemasters Europe’s mission is to create the highest quality products from the purest ingredients. It is the culmination of over 20 years of industry experience across the USA, Asia and the UAE. Led by an ex-yacht chef, the staff at Bonemasters Europe know and understand the industry.

Based out of the Netherlands, which gives it access to the freshest bones and ingredients all year round. Bonemasters takes the time to manufacture its stock, jus and glace with skill and care so that the chef can focus on creating excellence in the kitchen.


Bonemasters Europe specialises in the open kettle, traditional reduction method. All of its products are 100% natural, meaning that they are free from thickeners and preservatives.

Its products host a unique and powerful flavour profile that can serve as a base or to finish any signature dish.

All of its products are delivered and stored frozen.

Stock products

Its stock products come in 5 x 2kg bags / carton.

Stocks are the heart and soul of any kitchen.

• Veal Stock: Made from Premium Dutch Veal Bones and local ingredients
• Chicken Stock: Made from Dutch Chicken Bones and local ingredients
• Lamb Stock: Made from Irish Lamb Bones and local ingredients

Jus products

Its jus products come in 10 x 1kg bags/carton.

Bonemasters’ jus is a further reduction of its stock and can be used as it is or as the base for a client’s yacht’s kitchen specialties.

• Red wine jus: made from premium Dutch veal bones, a house made red wine reduction and local ingredients
• Chicken jus: made from Dutch chicken bones and local ingredients
• Duck jus: made from Dutch duck bones and local ingredients

Glace products

Its glace products come in 10 x 1kg bags / carton.

Bonemasters glace is an intense reduction over many hours that is closely monitored to ensure optimal quality. Its glace is ready to accent clients’ dishes without any further cooking.

• Veal glace: made from premium Dutch veal bones and local ingredients
• Lamb glace: made from Irish lamb bones and local ingredients

Yacht deliveries

At its location in Nice, provisioners, chefs and distributors have the option to pick up product at a time that suits them. Its central agent can also deliver to ports from Saint Tropez to San Remo. For locations such as Spain, Croatia, Greece and others please contact Bonemasters Europe’s central agent for delivery options.

Bonemasters Europe’s product range is now available at METRO Nice (CCPlaine 1 - 60, avenue Pierre Isnard B.P. 215, 06200 Nice, France).

Contact Bonemasters’ Europe for more information regarding purchase, delivery or product offering.

Hours of work

Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm. For delivery times contact us.

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