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Address: Ctra. Ibiza - S. Antoni Km. 3,700 Sant Rafael Sant Antoni de Portmany, Spain 07816

Tel: +34 607 11 06 53

W: http://www.tuhiper.com
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, Skipper of 20m to 30m Cecilia/Icarus - 24/06/2017-11:05
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The best service we have had for food supply. All the products were perfectly stored and refrigerated. Also, the telephone services for expressing doubts and getting advice works nicely and they were very friendly. I highly recommend it.

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Excellent services

Chef of 41m to 50m - 14/08/2015-13:31
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Excellent service, excellent packaging and excellent product, personalised and effective. I recommend to any yacht in Ibiza.

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, Chef of 20m to 30m Caperic 3 - 03/08/2015-16:32
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Hipercentro Ibiza is fantastic. They respected the schedule and brought exactly what was ordered.
They are efficient for deliveries and the goods are fresh, good quality and still frozen when they bring them.Lots of products from lots of different countries.Staff are nice, smiley and professional. Thanks!

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Fast and excellent service

, . Dream Sail Charter - 03/08/2015-16:00
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I learned of their existence in an advertising campaign in the port of San Antonio but fortunately I was able to talk directly to the head of this company. Being somewhat reluctant to shop online on supermarket websites due to the excessive delay in delivery deadlines, I decided to venture into this company thanks to the confidence inspired by the owner. The experience could not been better, delivery without delay, the price – quality of the products they offer is excellent and also has a catalogue of gourmet products at very competitive prices. The delivery service is excellent in any of its options, can receive the order at any of the beaches of Ibiza in record time for a really low cost, considering a purchase anywhere in the island would mean investing time, fuel and staff well above the cost of storage and of course with an uncertain outcome. Ultimately what I consider an essential service and highly recommended for any vessel.

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