Dans Bottom Dwellers

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Address: 3115 Grove Rd. Palm Beach Gardens, FL, Florida, USA 33410

Tel: +1 561 396 3632

W: http://www.dansbottomdwellers.com
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Dan Destroyed my Boat

, Owner of 20m to 30m 24 Edgewater - 05/08/2017-14:40
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Dan destroyed my boat. I need to have it completely redone now. He advertises as somebody who can restore boats, but the work looks like a teenager hobbyist did it. The gel coat came out ok, but all sorts of odds and ends around the boat are now ruined. The windshielf collapsed, the rub rail had to be replaced, the screws were mismatched and sticking up, and the boat started sinking when we put it in the water. Dan is well intentioned but you should not trust him with your boat unless you want the work entirely redone by somebody else afterwards. I could go on and on and on about the problems with the work, but I'll stop here. AVOID.

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Quality Work

, Owner of 20m to 30m All Hooked Up - 05/04/2017-14:23
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Dans Bottom Dwellers has been a great asset to our family. They have taken care of us each time we bring the boat and some issues he has helped just over the phone. Love their work and will keep coming back.

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Great Company

, Sales of 20m to 30m Running On Empty - 23/10/2016-03:20
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Honesty and craftsmanship was what I received. They fabricated a new console and the paint was flawless.

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Dan does quality work

, Owner of 60m+ Dazed and Confused - 22/04/2016-22:34
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Dan and company provided professional and quality work. They fabricated and fiberglassed a larger fridge and pantry. The gel coat repairs I still can not find and they also varnished our captain chair to a very very high quality and shine. Thank you Dan, I really appreciate your service and have mentioned you to all of my friends.

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