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Address: 1300 NW 13th Av. Pompano Beach, FL, Florida, USA 33069

Tel: +1 954 684 4801

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Great Service/Product

, Business Owner of 20m to 30m Thunder - 18/10/2014-18:44
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After months of indecision, I finally decided, this year is the year we enjoy some time on the water instead of working 7 days a week and trying to fix our boat all by ourselves. Treated myself to a Side-Power thruster, and after some research, found EC Ruff Marine. They were great on the install, no delays and more importantly, no last minute hidden costs. They are local for me (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) which was a plus. They also have real people answering their phone, who understand what I am talking about when I call. Another BIG plus. Would highly recommend - and they even respond weekends and nights! Friend called them expecting to leave message and got a rep late. EC Ruff Marine and Side-Power were a great combo, and so far, all is running smooth. Ready to enjoy a weekend on the water!!

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