General Consulate of Panama in Genoa

“Superyacht registration under the Panama flag”

The General Consulate of Panama in Genoa specialises in yacht registration in Panama. It offers its maritime services to a range of vessels, including commercial, sport, pleasure, motor or sailing yachts accommodating up to 36 passengers.

Contact General Consulate of Panama in Genoa

Address: Via Assarotti 15/9 scale B Genoa, Italy 16122

Operating in: Italy

Tel: +39 01 08 39 17 86

Strategically located in Italy, and within Europe, the port of Genoa is one of the most important ports of the peninsula. It is positioned in the middle of the area of interest to superyachts that travel from Cote d’Azur to Tuscany, and is located in front of Corsica and Sardinia.

Superyacht registration services

The General Consulate of Panama in Genoa offers a range of services to superyachts. These include:

• Yacht registry
• Radio license
• Biannual tax
• Legal advice
• Technical certificates
• Deletion from registry
• Crew documentation

Its geolocation and the presence of numerous highly professional shipyards, together with companies that are related at all levels to the superyacht sector, represent the ideal point of arrival and departure for yachts of all lengths.

Consular and Panama maritime authority services include:

• Vessel flag registration of yachts, mega yachts and bareboat
• Navigational statutory license - radio license, vessel deletion, annual taxes
• Issuing of technical certificates - MSM/CSR/ISSC/ITC/BWM/DMLC – P&I Endorsements
• Seaman´s book STCW - official log books – information on applicable discounts for a vessel/fleet

Vessels under construction may also apply for the provisional registration and radio call letters.

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