General Consulate of Panama in Marseille

“Prestigious and trusted global services from the Panama Ship Registry"

The General Consulate of Marine Merchants of the Republic of Panama in Marseille, France can provide quick and efficient registration services for a number of seafaring vessels, and it specialises in work with superyachts under the Panamanian flag.

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Address: 11, Quai des Belges 13001 Marseille, France / Monaco

Operating in: France / Monaco and Panama

Tel: +33 (0)4 91 90 05 84

The Consulate, based in the iconic Vieux Port of Marseille, is able to propose the registration and expedition of the Navigation Provisional Registry Certificate and Provisional Radio License for pleasure and commercial yachts, as well as sailing boats and numerous other types of seafaring vessels. The Consulate is quick and efficient in its service.

In addition, the team can arrange Seaman Books for officials and ratings and sell official log books specifically for Panamanian vessels and yachts. Panama-registered vessels may also pay taxes directly in the Consulate, without any intermediaries, at the official prices of the Panama Maritime Authority.

The Consulate is also able to authenticate signatures and the legalisation of documents essential for sales and mortgages.

A modern yacht code for a modern superyacht industry

A modern yacht code for a modern superyacht industry has been adopted by Panama. The Red Ensign Group Yacht Codes covers yachts with up to 12 passengers and up to 36 passengers (via two separate parts of code).

The law which created the Panamanian Ship Registry is more than a century old, meaning that Panama has a bold, global maritime tradition serving the world since 1917. As part of a new state policy, the Panamanian government is aiming to maintain the standard of excellence it has gained a reputation for over the decades.

The code establishes the highest standards of security and environmental friendliness, which are suitable for the size and type of yacht. The applied standards are settled by International Conventions or by equivalent standards, where it is not reasonable or practical for yachts to comply.

High-quality maritime services

Panama is in a prime location between two of the most important oceans on the planet, and can offer an impressive banking platform and a wide range of maritime services.

The Panama Ship Registry, which is the world's leading registry with more than 8,000 registered vessels, is a several times reelected member of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)'s board of directors - and has been placed on its white list. It has the ISO certification by Lloyd’s Register and is part of Paris MoU and Tokyo MoU lists.

The Panama Ship Registry is also a public entity without any private offices and the related supplementary fees. It can assure availability for clients through the 64 consular offices, several of which are open 24/7. "Efficiency, transparency and rapidity," is the motto of the Panama Ship Registry, and as well as adhering to these ideals, it offers flexibility when registering the vessels - there is no requirement of the owner's nationality or tonnage of vessel.

As part of the evolving offerings of the registry, its clients can now enjoy advantages, discounts and incentives for new vessel construction regarding its environmental commitments.

To discuss registering your yacht with the Panama, contact the General Consulate today.

Hours of work

Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.

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