Hubel Marine b.v.

“Tailored registration and consultancy services for maritime industries"

Hubel Marine provides professional superyacht support and consultancy, registration, documentation and flagging services for a wide range of seafaring vessels and ships.

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Address: Karel Doormanweg, 5 Schiedam Rotterdam, Netherlands 3115JD

Operating throughout: Australasia, Asia Pacific, Far East, Middle East, South America, North America, Mediterranean, Europe, Caribbean and Africa

Tel: +31 (0)1 04 58 73 38

The Netherlands-based firm, founded with a focus on consultancy by Erik A. de Koning, assists yacht and superyacht owners with registration and flagging, as well as the delivery of seafarer logs and associated documents. After analysing the difficulties in complying with the regulations of some jurisdictions, Hubel Marine began its specialised registration department and now travels the world to perform surveys and audits for the purpose of ensuring yachts and superyachts are adhering to best practices and codes for each flag.

Hubel Marine today offers tailored, swift services for yachts and superyachts, with vessel registration, seafarer endorsement and technical department checks just some of the services used by owners, managers, crew agents, banks, law firms and notary publics across the world.

Commitment and creativity

The Dutch company, although based in The Netherlands, has representative offices in Germany, Poland, UAE and Panama, and has access to an extensive network of surveyors in all major ports – ensuring that requests are always responded to effectively and efficiently. Hubel Marine uses creativity and ingenuity to ensure these requests are completed on a 24/7 basis – even during Panamanian holidays.

Thanks to close personal relationships with decision makers at the registers, Hubel Marine is able to offer bespoke service packages for all its clients. Technical staff can fly into almost any location to perform surveys and/or audits for the convenience of a yacht or superyacht, and communicate clearly and directly to achieve the best results.

Documentation checks and delivery

Hubel Marine also has staff members available to check that crew and owner documentation qualifies under the related jurisdiction’s laws – with no charge. Further guidance and assistance may also be obtained following the review.

Expert flagging and registration

Two registries have already empowered Hubel Marine to issue vessel registration documents in its offices. It works closely with relevant authorities in Panama, Belize and St. Kitts & Nevis (although clients’ preferred registers can also be dealt with if needed). Services offered by Hubel Marine include:

• Crew endorsements
• Registration of vessels
• Recording of mortgage
• Seafarers certification
• ISM / ISPS / ILO Code Audits
• Statutory Surveys (SOLAS, Marpol, Loadline)
• Panama Flag State Inspections

To easily and efficiently manage your registration and documentation, contact Hubel Marine today.