Urbina Yacht Services

“Yacht registration specialist with a commitment to excellence”

Situated in Cannes, France, Urbina Yacht Services offers a wide range of yacht registration services to superyachts. It also provides highly specialised marine finance advice and consultations to yacht owners worldwide.

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Address: 7 rue Léon Noël, France Cannes, France / Monaco 06400

Operating throughout: Mediterranean and USA

Tel: +33 (0)6 74 31 10 65

Urbina Yacht Services is fully committed to delivering a first-class service to its superyacht clientele. The company was born with the purpose of providing personalised services to yacht owners who require consultation and assistance with processes such as yacht registration, and financial advice.

One of the most significant yachting centres worldwide, Urbina Yacht Services is located in Cannes and delivers its services to superyachts globally.

Urbina Yacht Services prides itself on delivering an excellent service to its high-end clients all over the world, with the aim of exceeding all expectations.

Yacht registration and financial services

Its range of services includes, but is not limited to:

• Yacht registration
• Marine finance advice (leasing and loan)
• Radio MMSI license
• EPIRB registration
• Mortgage registration
• Mortgage deletion
• Transfer of mortgage
• Change of name
• Provisional registration
• Deletion certificate
• Transfer of ownership

Urbina Yacht Services also supplies a wealth of concierge services in Cannes and rental of luxurious apartments and villas.

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