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uSAIL is a global marine satellite communications provider, delivering high-speed maritime broadband and global internet coverage to luxury yachts.

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Address: PTL Valladares C/ C Nave C4 Vigo, Spain 36314

Operating in: Spain

Tel: +34 931 99 93 83

Flexible maritime internet

uSAIL offers reliable internet access and telephone connectivity at sea. Packages can be adapted to every vessel and every need, whether connectivity is required seasonally or on a more permanent basis.

High-speed unlimited marine internet on-demand

uSAIL fits the needs of each type of use at sea, whether required for short or longer term periods.

Connectivity is simple and cost-effective, not only because it can be managed by any user from a mobile or desktop device, but also because it is only invoice-able when it is used.

Already using VSAT?

If you are already using a VSAT provider, you now can benefit from one of the most flexible and competitive service providers on the market. With a VSAT antenna already installed on your vessel, you can simply connect with uSAIL.

uSAIL yacht satellite communications

uSAIL’s satellite communication services include:
• Unlimited maritime broadband up to 10Mbps., on-demand without limits or volume caps.
• Extended coverage across all seas and oceans. Featured reaches for yachts
• Flat daily rate without recurring fees, only paying for what is used, whether days, weeks or months.
• One phone line included, at very low call rates.

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