Fincantieri Yachts

“One of the world’s largest and most celebrated yacht builders”

Fincantieri Yachts is one of the largest shipbuilding groups in the world, designing and constructing some of the highest quality and most complex ships, with a wealth of experience and expertise building anything from naval vessels to superyachts.

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Address: Viale San Bartolomeo 446 Muggiano La Spezia, Italy 19126

Operating in: Italy

Tel: +39 01 87 54 32 38

Having built over 7,000 ships, Fincantieri has extensive expertise on how to build top-of-the-range vessels of all types. It knows that a superyacht is unique and is often required to be a special representation of her owner’s success, sophistication and style.

Specialist superyacht builders

Fincantieri Yachts has therefore been created; a dedicated department that is entirely focused on building the highest quality, luxurious yachts that are larger than 70 metres (230 feet).

Fincantieri has a specialist, highly skilled and dedicated team who are supported by Fincantieri’s in-house experts, as well as world-renowned consultants and suppliers.

Superyacht projects

Its team has extensive experience working with superyacht owners, representatives and designers to create both entirely new and unique yachts, as well as building upon existing designs. It prides itself on taking the time to understand what the owner truly wants.

As well as being able to guide new owners through an entirely new process, Fincantieri Yachts has established, along with some of the world’s finest yacht designers, five concept designs of which can be adapted to any owner’s specific desires.

With comprehensive project management skills, it can develop the technical, regulatory and management solutions for any project.

Dedicated superyacht building yard

Fincantieri has a production network of 20 shipyards, three design centres, a naval research centre and two production sites. It has a team of over 19,000 people all over the world, supported by the resources of the company’s partners.

Based in the heart of the Italian yacht building, its specialist facility in Muggiano has a reputation for excellence in high-tech, high quality and high performance vessels. It also features 60,000 square metres of covered space.

A world-renowned yacht builder

With all its expertise as a premier yacht builder, it is able to offer owners a construction experience which is smooth, professional and focused on quality as well as being creative, exciting and personally rewarding.

A substantial, reliable company

Fincantieri is a financially substantial business, meaning it is able to see even the most challenging of projects through to full completion. It is also in a strong financial position to be able to invest in all necessary machinery, equipment and technology that could be needed for any project.

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