Carenantilles is the largest complete marine refit centre in the Caribbean, renowned for high-quality services, the reliability of its yacht travelift machines and its respect for European environmental standards. It can refit yachts up to 50 metres.

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Address: Usine de Marin Le Marin, Martinique 97290

Operating in: Martinique

Tel: +596 596 74 77 70

Based at Le Marin, Martinique, Carenantilles shipyard delivers the best refit experience to yachts and superyachts in the Southern Caribbean. It prides itself on the quality of the services it provides, the reliability of its two yacht-lift machines (440 tons and 80 tons respectively) and the respect it shows for European environmental standards.

Superyacht refit centre

The Carenantilles team specialises in the refit and repair of superyachts and all types of boats, utilising the skill and experience of the best craftsmen in the Caribbean. It ensures the very best superyacht handling techniques across all lifting, launching and dismantling.

Recommended by a host of yacht captains for its high standards and wide range of services available on-site, the shipyard now has an upgraded haul-out capacity with a travelift of 440T.

Carenantilles can handle complete refits and repairs on any size and type of yacht up to 50 metres.

Specialist refit and repair services

Among the facilities and services on offer at Carenantilles includes:

• Two Cimolai travelifts of 80T and 440T
• Two travelift pits with a max width of 14m (45ft) and a max draft of 5m (16ft)
• Six acres of fully coated land surface with two dry berths for yachts up to 50m (164ft)
• 1600ft deep water work dock
• State-of-the-art recovery and water treatment systems
• Electric distribution terminals (125A) and water distribution
• Fully lit yard
• 24/7 video security and on-site security guard

Carenantilles also provides the following specialist services:

• Welding
• Carpentry
• Mechanical
• Electricity
• Electronic
• Shelter fabrication
• Sailing
• Fiberglass
• Painting
• Sandblasting
• Hydroblasting
• Epoxy treatment
• Plexiglass
• Marine self-adhesive
• Antifouling – resin
• Propeller and shaft repair

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