Derecktor Shipyards

“Leading yacht repair and maintenance shipyard in Florida”

Derecktor Shipyards is one of the leading shipyards in the superyacht industry, located in Dania Beach, Florida, USA. The yard provides refit, repair and maintenance to yachts (including new builds) as part of an extensive range of services.

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Address: 775 Taylor Lane Dania Beach, FL, Florida, USA 33004

Tel: +1 954 920 5756

Derecktor Shipyards has over 35 years' experience in the construction and repair of yachts and boats from its shipyard in Dania Beach, Florida. Catering mainly to motor and sailing yachts, Derecktor Shipyards is one of the most comprehensive marine facilities in Florida.

Shipyard location

Its shipyard is located less than one mile from the Port Everglades entrance via the Dania Cutoff Canal. It is also only two miles from both Hollywood International Airport and downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Shipyard facilities Florida

• 40,000 square feet of shed space
• 26 covered slips
• 23 uncovered slips
• 46 storage garages
• Power available
• 900-ton boat hoist
• 150-ton and 60-ton marine travel lifts
• 35-ton crane

Maintenance services for yachts in Dania Beach

• Propulsion and auxiliary
• Shaft and prop
• Custom metal fabrication
• Electronics and engineering
• Carpentry and joinery
• Composites
• Painting and finishing
• Rigging

Yacht refit and repair Florida

Some of the world’s finest yachts go to Derecktor Shipyards, for anything from a routine maintenance service to a major refit. Derecktor’s shipyards are staffed by some of the most experienced craftsmen and engineers in the world.

Superyacht new construction, Florida

Working with its clients from the planning and design of the project, right through to the engineering and construction stage, Derecktor always prioritises its clients’ input and treats it as the single most important factor in the ultimate outcome of the project.

To discuss your refit and repair needs, contact Derecktor Shipyards today.

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Thank you

, Captain Dorothea 3 - 09/06/2014-10:52
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I wanted to let you know we are nearing 50,000 miles on the odometer since leaving the yard. Wow! We were
sitting around thinking about how many countries we have visited as well as miles traveled. We counted twice
and the number was 51! Anyway I just wanted to tell you and the rest of the team thank you. You have a lot to
be proud of - I don't think many boats rack up this sort of mileage and I attribute a lot of the success to
Dereckor’s team. Keep in touch…currently 225 miles from Singapore!

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I consider every one of them as a friend

, Captain Hilarium - 09/06/2014-10:50
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Derecktors work force and great relationship with outside vendors is the reason for their success. From the front office to the bottom crew, everybody has the 'lets get it done right and once' attitude. They also take great care and pride in their projects. From welding, plumbing, carpentry, mechanical, hauling, paint, project management and even billing, they all take care and concern. I have found the project management fantastic and always approachable to discuss any issues that come up.

They are true problem solvers. I consider every one of them as a friend.

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, Fleet Captain Harle - 09/06/2014-10:20
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I want to congratulate you all for an outstanding job in the way our fleet of yachts were treated during the 2012 winter months.

At times we had all seven of our yachts in the yard and at no time did I feel any of them received less than 100% attention. Again, the quality of work and the professionalism shown by your personnel was the very best.

I think the biggest compliment of all is that every one of my crew on all the yachts want to return next winter. They all felt that this was one of the best experiences they have had with a shipyard.

I want to add a special thanks to Ken Imondi. He was always on top of everything. When asked for something, no matter how large or small, his answer was always "When and where do you want it?" He made things happen and I never worried about anything with him in charge.

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Very pleased

, . N/A - 09/06/2014-10:16
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Our new vessel is a true testament to what can be accomplished when all parties trust and work with each other. We are extremely grateful for the cooperation and guidance we received from Ken Inmondi and for Jack Schneider's day to day supervision. At all times, I felt that I could freely call you to discuss any issues that would arise. The final product is one that all can be rightfully proud of and we hope to maintain a long relationship with Derektor.

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Thank you

, Captain M/Y The Big Blue - 09/06/2014-09:51
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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the team at Derecktors Florida for their hard work and extensive efforts to achieve the owners desire for the yacht to travel to the South Pacific on a self-sufficient, safe and comfortable vessel such as The Big Blue is now.

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