Hendry Marine Industries Inc.

“A full-service family of maritime companies”

Hendry Marine Industries Inc consists of a number of maritime businesses offering a range of services, including ship repair, stevedoring and marine terminal operations, yacht sandblasting and coating and maritime employee staffing.

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Address: 1800 Grant St. Tampa, FL, Florida, USA 33605

Operating in: USA

Tel: +1 813 247 3153

Mob: +1 813 766 9889

Hendry Marine Industries Inc is a full-service family of maritime companies consisting of a handful of major operating companies. Its main affiliations include Gulf Marine Repair Corporation, Universal Environmental Solutions, LLC, Port Hendry Terminals, Port Staffing, Inc. and Anchor Sandblasting and Coatings, LLC.

Gulf Marine Repair Corporation

Gulf Marine Repair specialises in the repair, conversion and modification of various different types of boats and yachts, from large ocean-going commercial vessels, to small ships and US Coast Guard vessels.

Gulf Marine Repair’s specialised services include:

• Commercial services
• Government services – with over 65 years’ experience providing first-class services to the USCG, MARAD, USACE and NOAA
• Waste and remediation services – the Universal Environmental Solutions, LLC team specialises in marine services and site remediation
• Waterfront resources – 3,200-linear feet of bull-headed waterfront providing maximum coverage for quality repair services
• Support services – a full-service shipyard that can offer any type of repair, large or small
• Tampa Bay area – whilst Golf Marine completes a project, its client can explore the wonderful community of Tampa Bay

Universal Environmental Solutions, LLC

Universal Environmental Solutions, LLC’s experienced and professional team focus on marine services and site remediation. It offers a range of services to yachts, such as:

• Marine services – barge cleaning specialists
• Construction services – contaminated site remediation, lead paint abatement, storage tank management and general construction services
• Wastewater treatment – operating a wastewater pre-treatment facility conveniently located in the Port of Tampa Bay
• Waste disposal – co-ordinating the removal and disposal of any non-regulated materials

Anchor Sandblasting and Coatings, LLC

With over 200 pieces of equipment and approximately 75 employees, Anchor Sandblasting and Coatings, LLC provides on-time quality surface preparation, coatings and scaffolding solutions for commercial and government vessels.

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