Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven GmbH

Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven GmbH are experts in the conversion and construction of exclusive superyachts, with over 160 years' experience in the industry. It combines a passion for shipbuilding with German workmanship and the highest quality standards.

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Address: Brückenstraße 25 Bremerhaven, Germany 27568

Tel: +49 (0)4 71 47 80

Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven is based in an area of over 260,000 square meters in the overseas ports of Bremerhaven in the German North Sea coast. The business has access to four large dry and floating docks, as well as efficient workshops and logistics areas to enable the construction and refitting of large yachts with a length of over 300 metres (984 foot) and a draft of up to 11 metres. It works according to the highest quality, safety and environmental standards (certified according to DIN ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001).

German shipyard specialising in superyachts

Large, complex yachts and superyacht is Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven’s passion. It meets all clients’ expectations, utilising the highest quality, precision, reliability and discretion. Each of its new builds are unique, individually developed, designed and built.
With over 160 years of experience working with complex nautical projects, it achieves first-class quality within an agreed time frame and budget. With careful planning and preparation, precise execution of work and consistent control of the participating suppliers, Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven can successfully aid any client in building or refitting a vessel.
Contact its specialist team today to start the process of turning your yachting vision into a reality.