BLACKJAM is an innovative yacht sign maker based in New Zealand, specialising in handcrafted logotypes and branding for superyachts, racing yachts, tenders and personalised projects.


Address: 37 Bay View Rd., Raglan, New Zealand 3225

Tel: +64 21 77 27 33

BLACKJAM produces branding and logotypes for yachts using an innovative key approach, focussing on handcrafted scripture rather than computer-generated fonts.

Previous projects

• Superyacht Ngoni (drawn by hand – one of a kind)
• TP52 racing yacht Viento
• TP52 racing yacht Mayhem
• Motor yacht Satu (handcrafted logotype)
• Superyacht Romanza – Rapido (handcrafted logotype)
• Dragon - 16m tender

BLACKJAM’s handcrafted branding creates not only a visual presentation of the yacht names, but a bespoke work of art which is completely unique to each creation.

BLACKJAM presents vast energy in its projects, demonstrating the individual personality of each yacht, ranging from speed, freedom or grandeur and grace.

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