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3A Composites extends characterisation of AIREX T92

Leading marine composite company 3A Composites, has recently extended the properties of one of its product families, AIREX® T92.

The automated and well controlled PET extrusion process, combined with the subsequent block welding operation generates the welded “end-grain” AIREX® T92 core material with highly optimised mechanical properties. Within a sheet, some of the properties can vary if measured lengthwise or crosswise in the foam sheet.

3A Composites’ standard material characterisation policy has always been to declare the material properties conservatively; in case of differing values, they always publish the properties of the direction that yields the lower results.

Due to increased demand for oriented properties and for more cutting-edge end product designs, 3A Composites has now chosen to publish the shear modulus of AIREX® T92 both lengthwise and crosswise, in the sheet. This will allow customers to further optimise their products either by improving the properties or by reducing the core’s density, and thus saving weight and cost of their end product.

The updated data sheet with the new shear modulus data can be found on the 3A Composites homepage as usual. This initiative is merely an extended material characterisation, while the material itself is completely unchanged.

For more information on the products, visit 3A Composites.


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