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50 Michelin Star chefs join recruitment agency

Gladstone Park Chefs has recently welcomed the 50th Michelin trained chef to their agency. With a growing interest from yacht brokers and captains, Gladstone Park Chefs has seen a flourish of well-trained chefs approaching them.

Launched 10 years ago, John Bowman Baker, managing director at Gladstone Park Chefs explained, “When I first got a request for a yacht chef 10 years ago, it was for one of the most celebrated names in the culinary world, who had been a leading man in the modern industrial world too, so it was a big order.

“I still do not know how that yacht came to me but I have a reputation for working with the best and I was pleased to try and oblige. The chef I supplied they must have liked, I think that they kidnapped him, as he stayed with them for 10 years!

“I soon became aware that there was not a 'Specialist' Chef Recruitment Agency in service to the superyacht industry and a trip to the Monaco Yacht Show confirmed what I thought. Most places offered a general crew service not a specialist chef service, therefore although they were able to supply some good chefs who had managed to find themselves onto the yacht market, they did not have access to the many fine senior Michelin Star trained chefs coming through the main chef industry.

“We have a couple who were head chefs on 2 Michelin starred properties. Naturally some yachts would have looked into the general chef recruitment agency market but the sort of chefs that they were looking for are rare indeed and, for a host of reasons, would not be suitable for a job on board.

“I am excited that I have been given a rare opportunity to bring the best chefs to the best people, where their calmness and amazing skill sets will be totally appreciated.”

The 50th member boasts a great training history including: working in a three Michelin star environment for 40 months, working on board a yacht as a private chef for 13 years and training under a Japanese chef.

For more information visit Gladstone Park Chefs


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