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A New Generation of Green Yachts

Guido de Groot Design and Intec Marine are proud to present two revolutionary concepts for propulsion which deliver higher efficiency in use of energy, lower noise levels and lower emissions of NOX en CO2: the next generation hybrid propulsion.

The Intec Marine hybrid propulsion concept makes use of the innovative electric propulsion setup by Voith (ILJ850) which is powered by two generators. Where an additional small generator is installed for harbor conditions or whilst at anchor.

At cruising speed, one generator is able to generate power for the two propulsion pods and the hotel load. This results in very low noise levels, around 35 dBA. Sailing the yacht out of the harbor at 6 knots can be done using the batteries. The second generator is for redundancy purposes and needs to be started to reach maximum speed, whereas the smaller third generator is used at harbour conditions

Compared to a conventional setup where three diesel engines (two for propulsion and one for hotel load) are continuously running, a 30% reduction of use in energy is aimed for. In design, construction and operation of the yacht, special care is taken of environmental issues. The yacht will have a RINA marine green star design certificate, the watchword for environmental excellence in shipping.

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