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A new way to clean underwater structures

Cavitcleaner, a leading underwater cleaning company for the superyacht industry, has recently introduced a new way to clean and maintain underwater vessels.

The new system enables the bottom of yachts to be cleaned underwater, eliminating the need for dry docking and haul outs.

With Cavitcleaner’s unique system, the cleaning action is performed by a cavitation stream. In cavitation, microscopic air bubbles are formed, which then implode to create an intense shockwave, which dislodges fouling or biological material. Cavitcleaner claim this to be highly effective, working rapidly, at relatively low pressures and remaining harmless to the surface being cleaned.

According to Cavitcleaner, the system is so safe that the cavitation stream can come in contact with bare skin without injury. In addition, Cavitcleaner’s unique patented design does not require a retro-jet, which eliminates the risks to a diver’s ears and face.

Cavitcleaner also claim the product to be effective at removing any type of growth or fouling from any underwater surface. In addition, contrary to high-pressure washers and mechanical cleaners, it will not damage the underlying surface material and will leave sensitive and fragile paints and coatings intact.

The Cavitcleaner system is available in three versions and at the heart of each of these three models is the patented Cavitcleaner Pistol, which does not require the use of a retro-jet:

For more information, visit Cavitcleaner or see the video below.

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