A rotary hydraulic lift to solve all problems

Australian Davits and Cranes (ADC) has released a high performance hydraulic swim platform lift that claims to solve the problems associated with the conventional two cylinder lift.

John Berg from ADC said, “For many years, the yachting industry has put up with hydraulic swim platform lifts that perform poorly. In 2010, ADC engineers started with a fresh sheet of paper and after 12 months of testing, released the Rotary Duckboard Lifter system.”

Since the release of the rotary lift, the local market has been excited about the bespoke high performance lifts and as one client said, “It makes our good boats, great!”

The ADC system uses a stainless steel rotary cylinder to drive the two supports in unison. This allows the operator to move the duckboard up and down any distance, any number of times and the duckboard will always remain level.

The moving board can be stowed above the hob whilst underway, a great advantage for owners who have planing hulls. When the yacht reaches mooring, operators are then able to lower the duckboard in line with the hob and leave it there for as long as needed without the expose hydraulic rods being covered in general marine growth, which often destroy the hydraulic seals next time the duckboard is raised. 

Following this, uneven weight distribution on the ADC duckboard lift is also not an issue due to both pantographic arms being joined to the rotary cylinder, compared to the conventional systems using two independent hydraulic cylinders which cannot work together to keep the unevenly distributed weight on the moving board, level.

With the rotary drive having two stainless steel pipes that run from the pump, through the bulkhead and to the drive unit, this system prevents looped hoses exposures under the waterline. The patented rotary drive system eliminates the “lazy cylinder” problem which occurs where the moving board drops on one side as the hydraulic oil settles in the system.


  • Total weight including power pack = 215KG
  • Lifting capacity of up to 1 Tonne
  • 12 or 24 Volt DCE power packs

Australian Davits & Cranes have been manufacturing and supplying marine products using quality components for over 25 years. The company is working with Yachting Pages, a specialist in products and services for the superyacht industry to target the marine market.

For more information on Australian Davits & Cranes.

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