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A Royal Wight Vodka Regatta in Lymington & Yarmouth

To celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee, the Royal Lymington Yacht Club and the Royal Solent Yacht Club held a joint Wight Vodka Diamond Jubilee Regatta on Saturday June 2rd and Sunday June 3rd.  Though the Queen was actually not able to attend due to her flotilla on the Thames and "Party at the Palace", after the Wight Vodka cocktails started flowing in the evenings, sightings of her Majesty on the quays became the centre of attention!

The race officers from both the Royal Lymington and Royal Solent divided the racers into two fleets; the Diamond Fleet, which had IRC Class 1, LH Classes 1 and 2 and the Gaffers racing with a Royal Solent race officer, and the Jubilee Fleet including the Folkboats, XODs and YODs with a Royal Lymington race officer.  


Kevin Podger, Secretary at the Royal Lymington said “What a great weekend of racing and parties.  Many thanks to the crew at Wight Vodka for supporting this regatta, as the prizes and Wight Vodka cocktails went over so well.  So fitting for a Royal weekend of close racing!”

Racing conditions were excellent throughout the weekend, with a 15 knot easterly on Saturday with flat water and sunshine, and a 15-20 knot westerly and against a building flood tide on Sunday, which kicked up big waves and made for an exciting day.  Unfortunately, there was one dismasting of the beautiful 100 year old yacht, Rosenn.  At the prize-giving,  Peter Scholfield, who towed Rosenn back in Xarafa, received a bottle of Wight in appreciation to a huge round of applause by all.

The winners and runners up by class include the IRC Class 1; 1st Chris and Hannah Neve in No Chance, 2nd William Newton in Jelly Baby, 3rd Robin Taunt in Jibe. Class 2, Division 1; 1st Tim Stevenson in Andrillot II, 2nd Peter Blick in Charlotte, 3rd Richard Jenner in Bonni Lady. Class 2, Division 2; 1st Kevin Podger in Pallas Athene; 2nd Nick Morgan in Rooie Rakker; 3rd Richard Truscott in Unity. Gaffers; 1st Stephen Akesterin Alice III, 2nd Malcolm McKeon in Windflower, 3rd Richard Rouse in Charmina.  Folkboats; 1st Stuart Watson/M Jones in Crackerjack, 2nd Jeremy Austin in Tak, 3rd James Hoare/G Coulter in Samphire of Oykel, XOD; 1st Stuart Jardine in Lone Star, 2nd Eric Williams in Diana, 3rd Phil and Jo Brewer in Zest. Class YOD; 1st Puffin and 2nd Diatom.

Ritu Manocha, the entrepreneur behind 50°North and Wight Vodka, said “The Royal Lymington and Royal Solent put on a fantastic regatta!  We are proud to be part of their Diamond Jubilee Regatta and certainly look forward to their next event!”


For more information visit Wight Vodka, the Royal Lymington Yacht Club or the Royal Solent Yacht Club.

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