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Absolute Breton expands leather coaster range

Leading luxury leather manufacturer, Absolute Breton has announced a new range of leather drinks coasters for the luxury and yachting industries. Featuring in the range are the original circular coasters, aimed at yacht captains for their whisky glasses or coffee mugs.

Javier Villanueva Breton, CEO of Absolute Breton explained, “These have a maximum internal diameter of 8.5 cm and 6.5 cm, respectively. They are perfect for yachts' captains as they keep the glasses or mugs from moving or falling while the boat is at sea thanks to their flanges and their bottom bases that are made with non-slip material.”

Another addition to the new range are the colour identification coasters; an increasingly popular product, according to Javier. He explained, “Furthermore, we also have to mention the coasters with colour identification among our models at Absolute Breton. Each one of these coasters has a circle with a different colour in the middle, so that nobody can mix his cup or glass up in business or leisure meetings.

“All these coasters can be manufactured with regenerated leather, smooth leather or textured leather, and the customer can always choose which colour they want.”

The range also includes many other types of drinks coasters, as Javier went on to explain, “There are many coasters with different shapes, finishes and materials. In our case we will focus on the leather coasters, since at Absolute Breton you can find a huge range full of several colours and forms.

“Coasters can be acquired individually or as sets; for example the tray set for 12 rigid square coasters. Their main differences, besides their shape, are their composition (if they are flexible or they are made with a rigid base) and their finish (if they have cut edges or folded edges). All of them can be customised with a name or logo, something which is especially demanded within the yachting world, as it is an original way to create exclusive products for such a luxurious sector.”

For more information, visit Absolute Breton.

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