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Absolute Breton explains the varieties of luxury leather

With leather accessories and products becoming ever popular in the luxury and yachting industries, leading leather creator, Absolute Breton, spoke to Yachting Pages to discuss the leather available and the qualities each has to offer.

Different varieties of leather types are used to manufacture different goods. Javier Villanueva Breton, CEO of Absolute Breton explained, “Usually, they are classified by the animal they come from; an origin that defines their characteristics, because each one has specific marks that make them more suitable for certain products.”

Below, Absolute Breton explained the different leather and its qualities.


Cowhide's characteristics consist of a high-end texture and a slightly rough touch. This kind of leather is very durable, so it is considered an excellent material to manufacture goods for the leather industry, such as shoes, artisan goods, briefcases or luxury decorative items for villas, hotels or yachts. This leather can have a plain finish or a textured one (like a crocodile embossing finish, for example).


Lambskin leather is thin, light and has a really soft touch. This type of leather is used a lot in fashion clothing, among other luxury goods. It is important to point out that this leather is more delicate than cowhide, so it is commonly used in items which are not used every day, as they will show the signs of wear more easily.


Products manufactured with exotic leather, such as the eel leather, have a more exclusive and peculiar character. Eel leather has a very soft touch. These types of leather are not so well-known, and they are hard to find, so their production is not as abundant as cowhide's can be.

Images of the different leathers can be found in Absolute Breton’s online store of leather goods from Ubrique, including products lined with eel leather, such as tissue boxes, waste paper baskets, magazine holders or umbrella stands.

Javier finished, “At Absolute Breton, we mainly use cowhide, lambskin and sometimes eel leather for manufacturing our products, although we always let the customers choose the type they want. All of them are carefully selected in order to employ just those materials of the best quality, with adaptable and timeless designs.”

For more information, visit Absolute Breton.

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