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Aerial photography without the need of a full size helicopter

Creating videos and images from above has never been as exciting and straight forward as it is today. Nowadays, modern remote controlled camera platforms are capable of carrying some of the largest movie cameras. However, a more flexible system consists of a smaller DSLR camera carried by a battery-powered octocopter (A multi rotor copter, similar to a helicopter).

FLYMOTIONS, a small company located in southern Germany close to Lake Constance, started aerial imaging in 2012 and regularly use an octocopter to provide images and videos. Their customers include film producers and TV broadcasters, as well as clients from the superyacht, tourism, automotive and special transportation industries throughout Europe. A range of packages and services are available; with FLYMOTIONS providing either selected images or complete film projects.

According to FLYMOTIONS, using an octocopter is much more eco-friendly and uses much less energy, “The goal of the FLYMOTIONS team is to produce high quality videos in an environmentally friendly way. Energy consumption of a full size helicopter can be as much as 2,000 times that of an remote controlled octocopter.”

Shooting can begin within minutes and the device can be operated from almost anywhere, even from small platforms. It captures professional, quality videos in a resolution of up to 4K or stills of around 22 megapixels.

Other advantages include: No airfield required, no minimum flight altitudes, silence, no smell (electric drive) and low turbulence.

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