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Alliance offers turnkey ventilation packages to boat builders

A new alliance between Delta "T" Systems and Marvair's marine division offers boat and ship builders a turnkey full vessel ventilation and HVAC package.  It brings together Delta "T" Systems' experience in marine engine room ventilation with Marvair's HVAC capabilities to offer boat builders a single source for all ventilation needs. 

The design, engineering and manufacturing of all HVAC and engine room ventilation components is handled in-house.

Marvair's marine division manufactures marine-grade HVAC equipment, and not just terrestrial units that are dropped into stainless steel housings.  Purpose-built, marine-grade equipment will produce efficiencies. 

Competitively priced equipment types include self-contained units, split systems, chillers, chilled water handlers, displays and controllers, and self-contained A/C for commercial vessels. 

An ever-expanding worldwide network of distributors, dealers and service centers provide sales and service for Marvair marine units and accessories.

Delta "T" Systems pioneered the modern engineered marine engine room ventilation system and remains the world leader in its field, with more than 13,000 projects under its belt on vessels of all types around the world. 

Utilising an integrated approach, Delta "T" Systems engineers and manufactures balanced engine room ventilation systems that increase vessel efficiency and performance and meet engine manufacturers' specifications. 

System components include high-efficiency fans, fire dampers, moisture eliminators and control systems, as well as head vent systems, fresh air makeup systems, galley ventilation, laundry and AV ventilation systems.

Together, the Marvair/Delta "T" Systems team will design and manufacture all of the necessary components for their respective systems.  The benefit of this new alliance to the boat builder includes a reduction of costs in time spent by purchasing departments, project managers and yard workers. 

Marvair Marine commented, “The Complete Vessel Ventilation Alliance will help the boat builder turn out a quality product that performs beyond expectations, in a very cost-effective manner.”

For further information visit Marvair Marine or Delta T.

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