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An inside look at a leading superyacht paint consultant

Yachting Pages recently spoke to Bas Ellenbroek, marketing manager of CCS Yacht Coating Services to find out more about the company’s background and upcoming developments.


1) Can you tell us about how CCS was founded?

CCS saw the light in 1992 when the company’s founder Joop Ellenbroek saw the need for a paint inspection and surveying service dedicated especially to superyachts. Until then no such service existed and CCS was for many years the only truly independent provider of paint expertise. The company has now grown to 10 paint advisors and is still growing considerably year after year.


2) How has the paint consultancy industry developed over the years?

Paint consultancy, in its traditional form, typically only consisted of expert supervision (periodic inspections) during the paint application process but over the years our service has expanded considerably. For instance, we achieve great results for our clients by being involved from the earliest stages of a paint job, sometimes even months before the paint application process starts, by going over all documentation and sometimes even assisting in the tender process, helping them pick the most suitable candidate to paint their boat. Ten years ago this very in-depth approach was still unheard of. In the end ‘prevention is better than cure’.


3) What makes CCS different from other paint consultants?  

CCS owes its leading position in paint consultancy to its surveyors; our staff travel the world lending their highly specific know-how to various superyacht paint projects. Ours are some of the most experienced and skilled paint consultants in the field and CCS make sure that all information and expertise is shared amongst our team. This way a strong knowledge base is created. Because we have 10 inspectors we have a constant presence in all major yachting centres, enabling rapid response and decreased travel costs. We have several disciplines in our team, enabling us to service our clients on all aspects: application techniques, varnished and interior coatings, experts on international standards like ISO and ICOMIA, experts in project management, forensic paint knowledge and chemical analysis.


4) Is CCS working on any new developments?

We’ve recently seen an influx of exotic coating materials such as metallic and pearlescent coatings and these products do pose some challenges. It’s not only tricky to apply these coatings correctly and to a satisfactory result but challenges also lie in effectively assessing the quality of these paints. There are currently no methods or instruments that can measure the appearance of these paint products and we’re allocating considerable resources and efforts to solving this issue. In the end, new measurement methods need to be developed as well as new instruments. CCS is at the forefront of developing these methods and instruments and we expect to be able to present some exciting results soon.

Also, we are currently exploring CCS’s expansion into France and the USA. This will enable our clients to get in touch with a CCS representative who is location-based.


5) What are the biggest challenges paint consultants face in the superyacht industry at the moment?

New environmental regulations that influence the paint suppliers formulations and quality and limit the allowed quantities of paint that can be applied by yards and contractors.


6) What are the current trends in your sector at the moment?

The use of pearlescent coatings and metallic on superyachts. We also see more vibrant colour combinations being used that really set the yacht apart. Another new trend we’re seeing is vinyl wrapping sections of a yacht in order to achieve a completely unique look. It seems like white-on-white is losing ground!

In addition: base/clear coat systems. Increasing use of topcoat treatment products that supposedly protect new paintwork and extends the lifespan.

Superyacht owners and management companies are increasingly opting for paint products by manufacturers other than the ‘traditional’ choice. These days one can choose from a variety of paint products from different paint producers. That used to be a lot different 10 years ago.


7) What superyachts/big clients have you worked with that you can share?

We’re particularly proud of our involvement with about 85% of Dutch new builds in 2014. The Netherlands have produced some of the most magnificent yachts and we’re proud to have played a role in most of them.

For more information please visit CCS Yacht Coating Services

For more information on painting services click here

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