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An insight into an Indonesian superyacht agent and concierge

This month, Yachting Pages spoke to Stephaus Djajasaputra, owner of Indonusa, to uncover the challenges and expectations of a yacht agent and concierge working within the superyacht industry.

Established in 1996, Indonusa is one of the first generation full-service yacht agents in Indonesia, and the first agency to offer concierge services to the superyachts visiting the region.

Tell us how Indonusa was founded?

Starting out in the industry back in September 1989, I worked for one of the pioneering yacht agencies in Indonesia where I met Brett Haysom who ran chartered surf trips in the region. We went on to establish our first company together, PT Indonusa Srgaramarine – PT stands for a limited company in Indonesia – in 1996.

At first, we were not solely focused on agency and concierge services until the owner and captain of 38m M/Y Pelagian was pointed in our direction by a local yacht agent. We arranged a full diving safari and return cruise itinerary for his guests, from Sulawesi to Bali. We also received a one-off fuel request from 47m M/Y Lionwind who were without a contact in the area.

Lionwind returned to us for help over the next two years and this was when I realised that no one offered this level of support to superyachts visiting Indonesia. Of course there were companies providing yacht agency and concierge locally, but none to such large yachts visiting all provinces in Indonesia. I don’t think we are exaggerating to say that we were the first agent to offer services throughout the whole of the Republic of Indonesia.

What does Indonusa offer, and how has this developed over the years?

First and foremost, Indonusa believe in being legitimate. Our primary aim is to ensure that we are legal, complying to all laws surrounding permits and licenses, especially so our clients have no legal issues in working with us.

As is the nature of our business, we have developed a great network of business contacts who can source anything from spare parts to tableware and they assist with, dives and excursions, provisioning and fuel bunkering. We have a good network of local port agents to help us to deliver great customer service.

Beside Indonusa, we still own and run our surf charter business, and a small berthing facility in Benoa Harbour, Bali; we sponsor live aboard programs for several boats under our marine tourism business; we own and operate a survey boat and work boat; carry out underwater and salvage work and even own and operate a small resort South of Lombok. 

What makes you different to your competitors?

As mentioned before, we do not have many competitors. We know who they are and I often wonder if we are the one of the only full-service yacht agents. We do not subcontract our work and all licenses are obtained directly from the appropriate authorities through the correct channels.

We believe our legitimacy to be the most important part of our business as delays through legal issues are sure to ruin a trip. As local Indonesian’s we understand exactly how the local people and authorities work, what can be done and how to do it. This allows us to give valuable advice to captains and crew travelling in the area. I think our comprehensive superyacht services give us the edge over our competitors.

What are the biggest challenges that your face in the superyacht industry at the moment?

A difficult question. As the superyacht industry is so new to Indonesia, the infrastructure, marine facilities and regulations are still misunderstood and very basic and for the commercial maritime industry. This is not always easy to overcome, but surely challenges our creativity and improvisation in offering the best service. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Seeing the smiling faces of captains and crew as they depart their trip to Indonesia. We rarely interact directly with yacht owners and charter guests, but to know that they have had a great time is a great feeling; to know that we can do our job to satisfy our clients.

Which superyachts or celebrity clients have you worked with that you can share?

We have worked with a few of the large and impressive superyachts, including M/Y Octopus 126m, M/Y Meduse 60m and the world’s largest S/Y, EOS at 93m.

Who would be your dream client?

Well, all clients are dream clients to Indonusa. We treat all yachts with the same size, the best we can regardless of the size of the yacht or status of its guests.

For more information, visit Indonusa.

If you'd like to find out more information about concierge services, click here.

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