Astilleros de Mallorca completes final phase of 74 metre Cocoa Bean refit

Astilleros de Mallorca was specially selected to complete the refit of 74 metre (243 feet) Cocoa Bean back in 2017, just after the shipyard’s 75th anniversary. The ambitious refit project was planned to undergo three phases in collaboration with Langan Design Partners, who were in charge of the design aspect and architecture. The final phase has now been completed to finalise the three-phase refit.

The project is commissioned by Cocoa Bean’s owner, who first launched it in 2012 by Trinity Yachts which was the largest yacht ever built by the shipyard.

The initial phase of the project was started in 2017 when Cocoa Bean was first hauled out at Astilleros de Mallorca. During this phase the yard installed a new waste treatment plant and custom-designed composite jacuzzi, alongside some additional maintenance work and updating crew mess.

During 2018 and 2019, the second phase of the refit took place. This featured the installation of a re-designed modern galley, with new extraction system. Finally, the final refit phase was undertaken in the 2019 to 2020 winter refit season which primarily focused on improving the exterior of the superyacht. These phases were driven by the owner’s desire to recreate Cocoa Bean’s profile more streamlined and homogenous.

Paul-F. Grunig, project manager at Astilleros de Mallorca, said, “Cocoa Bean gives an impression of power: she is a large yacht, with a relatively low profile for her length and an impressive 12 metre beam. The changes made during this refit were substantial: the brows on the top and bridge decks were extended, the fashion plates and engine room grills re-designed, the aft bulwark lowered, a new larger flagstaff was installed, and trim details were added or enhanced. For each of these changes, the goal was the same: to make the overall design feel more consistent, natural and in keeping with the impression of power and grace the yacht conveys.”

This refit was an opportunity to update the yacht’s on-board experience. By lowering bulkwark, it allows guests who are seated in the main area a clearer view of the yacht’s surroundings. Cocoa Bean has also been completely repainted in an updated colour scheme.

Astilleros De Mallorca worked closely in collaboration with Languan Design Partners alongside the yacht’s Captain, Owner’s representative; Sean Barber and the Owners.

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Source: Superyacht News

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