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Avoid the diesel bug this winter

With microbial fuel contamination, commonly known as the diesel bug, becoming increasingly more problematic within the superyacht sector, Conidia Bioscience talks about why the winter season is the perfect time to update your fuel regime.

Gerry Herman, technical manager of Conidia Bioscience explains, “For the yachting industry, if the vessel is not going to be used through the winter, now is the ideal time to test the contents of the fuel tanks. The traditional advice of filling the tanks to the brim to avoid condensation in the airspace is still valid even with today’s fuels.

A sample from the lowest point in the tank, once tested, will enable the operator to decide if a fuel treatment should be added. If significant free water is found in the sample then more fluid should be drained off from the lowest point until no water is evident. Bugs need water to breed, draining off the water and any hazy layer should be part of every skippers autumn laying up routine.

Testing the water / fuel sample from the tank will allow sensible decisions regarding additives to be made. The indiscriminate addition of biocide treatments is bad practice. Overdosing of biocide is very bad for the engine fuel pump and injectors, under dosing can encourage the existence of resistant strains. Much like us taking a daily antibiotic!

The only way to ensure the vessels fuel tanks will be ready for action next season is to act now.”

The FUELSTAT® resinae PLUS kit is Conidia’s latest onsite fuel test with the ability to detect the diesel bug within ten minutes. There are no special skills required to use the test. It’s never been simpler to regularly test your fuel.


For more information please visit Conidia Bioscience Ltd.

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