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Beauty and skincare as Mother Nature intended: Q&A with MH Boutique

In today’s world, many brands are becoming more environmentally conscious, as consumers look to do their bit to help the environment.

It is for this reason that brands such as MH Boutique, which regularly supplies to superyachts, has looked to not only branch out, but revolutionise their entire ethos and range in a move to collaborate with luxury brands which create natural, sustainable products.

Yachting Pages spoke to Alexander Buckley-Bryce, director of MH Boutique, to find out more.

Why did Moncada Hispania decide to go natural and sustainable?

We have decided not to continue working with amenities which do not reflect our philosophy and way of life, and only collaborate with top brands which create natural, sustainable products.

After a large amount of research last year, we made a commitment to work with brands whose ethos is in the concept of natural craftsmanship and a more holistic way of life; to us, this reflects real luxury and indulgence. In order to pass our quality measures, we first ask: What ingredients does this product consist of, and where have they come from?

Why do you think it’s important to offer natural beauty products and amenities?

What goes on the body is as important as what we put inside. Modern society, technology and a faster way of living seems to have disconnected us from nature.

We believe that going back to the roots of a sustainable and holistic approach to beauty can help to achieve a balanced and healthy life for us and future generations. We believe that if you can achieve a balance of modern and sustainable living, you have arrived to the highest luxury in life.

Which brands are you currently working with?

Over the course of one year, we researched more than 30 brands, looking at and testing each one. This year we are launching luxury brand Bamford, one of our five eco-friendly luxury brands. We believe that Bamford incorporates style, glamour, and quality in its organic products, packaged with a sustainable philosophy. Bamford is more than great products, it’s a way of life.

Unfortunately I’m not currently able to name the other brands we are working with, but will announce the names as soon as they are official.

Why did you choose to work with Bamford, and how are they suited to the superyacht industry?

My wife and I are big fans of their products, and put a huge amount of effort in to secure the distribution of them.

Bamford products are fantastic for the yachting industry, and two of my favourites are the Botanic Shampoo and Geranium Body Wash. After a long day at sea, under the sun, you want products which are fresh and healthy for your body; Bamford products are 95% organic, and one of the few brands which holds the Soil Association certificate for their amenities. The products are light and fresh, with notes of Egyptian geranium, lavender and peppermint, to uplift your mood and promote inner harmony.

Was the decision to branch out into this area of the market because of customer demand, or just a move towards more environmentally-conscious products?

It’s a mixture of both, thanks to influences from the internet and social media making us more aware of healthier choices. We’ve definitely noticed our clients within the yachting industry ask more frequently for names of brands, which represent luxury and health and wellbeing in one package.

This pushed us into the decision to sell brands to our customers which are not only good business, but which are having a positive influence on the world. Our customers are now making choices based on not only maintaining a high standard of wellbeing, but also contributing to a much bigger cause.

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