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Boat performance Dyena Acceleration Recorder

The Dyena Acceleration Recorder (DaccR) is proving to be a valuable tool for the development and comparison of fast boats. Traditionally, most boat operators rely upon subjective comparison to evaluate the differences between vessels.

A small portable data logger, the DaccR can be fitted in any position for simple analysis of a boats performance and ride quality. Shock-loads are recorded alongside position, speed, heading and time, providing a complete record of the trial.

All data is synchronised to GPS time, and results can be overlaid for comparison on the same graph or chart. This can be used to distinguish individual craft characteristics when running in the same sea state or for measuring shock impacts in different locations.

Self calibrating and requiring a 9v to 32v power supply, the DaccR can be powered by a battery pack for short-term or daily testing, allowing simple installation and moving of the equipment between boats.

The company explained, “The DaccR is an excellent choice for long-term development trials as it is a 'fit and forget' device.  Each day the unit records a spreadsheet compatible file and a Google Earth overlay file making data presentation easy and understandable.”

Accelerations for each axis are sampled at 1200 Hz and processed onboard, recording the RMS average and peak values for each axis every second to reduce data. Over 600 days’ worth of data can be stored on the supplied removable memory card. This can be extended to over 10 years, should it be required.

For the buyer, the DaccR can be used to evaluate equipment scientifically by comparing metrics and make informed decisions. This is not just limited to powerboats; with multiple units, the DaccR has been used to validate the impact reduction provided by shock mitigation seating by comparing measurements taken from the driver with those of the seat base.

Current users include the German Navy, Swedish Coastguard, Trinity House and the Environment Agency, with many units supplied to boat builders and operators over five continents.

For more information or to purchase DaccR, visit www.dyena.com.

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