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Boracol deemed most effective for teak maintenance

With teak decks increasingly prone to algae and mould growth, leading chemical product supplier for yachts, Advanced Chemical Specialties Ltd has announced that Swedish shipyard Halberg Rassey has recently recommend Boracol 10Rh for controlling moulds and algae on teak decks.

Bill Beauford, owner of Advanced Chemical Specialties said, “In 2010 Boracol was tested in the German magazine “Die Yacht”. It was given a 5 ‘stars’ rating and was labelled “genialer Algenschreck” – superior against algae and mildew (mould)”. In our experience, those who’ve used it say it works splendidly, with some treatments lasting one to two years.

There are two grades of Boracol for treating teak decks against mould and algae, either the 10RH for professional users or the 5RH for amateur users.

These grades provide very similar performance because both products contain two biocides. The biocide (quaternary ammonium) that controls or deals mainly with the algae and mould is at the same level in both products.

The second biocide (inorganic borate) is at a lower level in the Boracol 5Rh, however it doesn’t impair performance as it has no direct action against algae and moulds.

For more information, visit Advanced Chemical Specialties Ltd.

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