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Chez Laurent to deliver free stainless steel soap to superyacht chefs

Leading superyacht provisioning company, Chez Laurent / Fine Yacht Provisions, will be delivering stainless steel soaps to superyachts on the French Riviera this month.

The product, which removes food odours such as onions, steak, fish and other seafood, will be hand-delivered to superyachts in the next run of Yachting Pages Delivers, a service that hand-delivers specialist yacht-related products directly to the crew of superyachts worldwide. Superyachts located in marinas between Marseille and Menton on the French Riviera will be receiving the new promotional pack, which contains the stainless steel soap, from the 20th April.

According to the French Riviera-based company, the stainless steel soap has been developed in order to help superyacht chefs easily remove the odour of strong-smelling foods such as seafood, meats, onions and more.

Laurent Castel, owner of Chez Laurent / Fine Yacht Provisions commented, “The stainless steel soap we are offering provides chefs and even other crew on board superyachts a simple solution to removing that smell of garlic, onions, meat, fish and more. It will be delivered to the door of superyachts in the French Riviera at the end of the month – so look out for yours.

“The sulphur from the onion/garlic/fish would be attracted to and bind with one or more of the metals in the stainless steel. Formation of such compounds is what makes stainless steel stainless, after all. Onions and garlic contain amino acid sulfoxides, which form sulfenic acids, which then form a volatile gas (propanethiol S-oxide), which forms sulphuric acid upon exposure to water. These compounds are responsible for burning your eyes while cutting onions and also for their characteristic scent. If the sulphur compounds bind to the steel, then the odour is removed from your fingers.”

Chez Laurent / Fine Yacht Provisions has also announced the launch of their brochure and product list for the 2015 Mediterranean season. The brochure features over 30 pages of information and prices on products which include prawns, shellfish, oysters, fish and caviar as well as delivery information.

For more information contact Chez Laurent / Fine Yacht Provisions or view their new brochure here.

For more information on Yachting Pages Delivers, click here.

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