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Compare sailing superstitions as Yachting Pages celebrates record-breaking customer numbers

Yachting Pages is proud to announce that in 2013 it has more customers than ever before. We’re not superstitious so we’re putting this down to hard work, fantastic partners, a revamped website and solid work on the ground at international superyacht shows throughout 2012.

We don’t want to jinx our success so are being very careful to ‘touch wood’ whenever we mention our record-breaking number of customers. Talking of superstitions – and being in the marine trade – we thought we’d research a few related to the sea. Here’s what we discovered.


A handful of seafaring superstitions

Of the fifteen 100m+ superyachts in production at the moment, four are sailing vessels. Look out for the 147m White Pearl by Nobiskrug and Oceanco’s largest sailing yacht to date, a 108m three-masted DynaRig Schooner named Solar. With sailing in the spotlight, here’s a handful of seafaring superstitions to keep in mind.


Claim: It’s unlucky to begin a voyage on Friday.

Why: Friday is considered an unlucky day probably because it was the day of the crucifixion.

Yachting Pages thinks: Sounds dubious to us, every good Bank Holiday escape begins on a Friday! Check out our yacht charter companies and sailing courses to plan your next escape now.


Claim: For fishermen, it’s unlucky to see a red-head en route to the boat.

Why: No conclusive evidence unearthed for this one…but you can allegedly reverse the curse by speaking to them before they speak to you.

Yachting Pages thinks: In Cannes, we’d love to bump into Nicole Kidman on the way to the marina! For beauty salons and hairdressers near your favourite ports and marinas, check


Claim: Flowers are harbingers of doom and shouldn’t be allowed on board a ship.

Why: Due to their connection with death and funerals, any bouquets gifted to sailors of olde were thrown overboard at the earliest opportunity.

Yachting Pages thinks: What’s a superyacht without a few gorgeous sprays in the saloon? Search our superyacht directory for your closest florist, quicksmart.


Claim: Seeing rats leaving a ship brings bad luck. 

Why: Rats are supposed to desert a sinking ship so if the rats are heading off, you should too. Tattoos are rumoured to bring good luck though, which is why so many sailors have them.  

Yachting Pages thinks: We recommend keeping your pest control, health and hygiene levels up to date. Check for your closest consultants now.


Claim: Women on board anger the sea, but naked women calm her again (I’m a woman so this superstition sounds super-suspicious to me)   .

Why: Is this just a sailor’s excuse to get what he wants?! This superstition explains why so many ships have naked women as their figureheads. 

Yachting Pages thinks: If you dare to board a yacht with your clothes on, ladies, be sure to check out the nautical fashions and crew uniforms on


To add your seafaring superstitions to ours or for further information about Yachting Pages, contact or visit today.


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