Compass Marine launches Skywalk 850 gangway

Italian boarding systems expert Compass Marine has launched their latest gangway, the Skywalk 850. Designed to connect stationary docks or floating docks, the structure can be also be installed on the yacht. By changing the fixed components, the gangway can be stored in a retractable storage garage. 

Skywalk 850 is made up of five sections; three sector of extension, one of containment rotating top 90° and below 20° and one fixed support. The total length of the gangway on maximum extension is 850cm, with a maximum width of 90cm.

The inclusion of an ultrasonic sensor avoids collision during movement. The electro-hydraulic drive is electronically controlled by a microprocessor programmed with software customised for varying needs. The movement can be controlled via a control panel with a joystick and included remote control. 

The bearing structure of the walkway is constructed with a steel inner, mechanically coupled to the outer aluminum. This solution was chosen to obtain the best compromise between weight and strength, technical requirements and design. The fronts are made in stainless steel AISI 316. 

The flooring is made with slatted composite material, to ensure maximum resistance to atmospheric agents, low weight and low maintenance. The slats are fixed on platforms and are made of aluminum which is alloy treated. This can be removed in sections to give the opportunity to access the internal mechanisms in the structure in case of failure or maintenance.

Light blue LED lights light the walkway and the gangway is fitted with a stainless steel handrail with automatic closing.

In yacht applications, an alternative mounting rails with stanchions, poles and rope is available, resulting in a completely collapsible solution for small spaces.

For more information visit Compass Marine

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