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Crew à la Mode announces redesign

In time for their fifth anniversary, Crew à la Mode has announced the launch of their own redesign, to represent their move from market challenger to an iconic luxury brand.

According to Crew à la Mode, they needed a new versatile, contemporary look to reflect the bespoke nature of their services.

Lottie Lyne, creative director of Crew à la Mode commented, “We work with boat owners, interior designers and crew to create clothing that reflects the signature style and identity of their yacht. Whether it’s a single item or a collection, our team identifies each client’s needs, adapts to them and navigates current trends. Our new branding reflects our personalised service.”

The subtle yet playful colour palette and sophisticated design was created by Midday Studio. The new branding and tagline, the yacht clothing consultancy, represents Crew à la Mode’s ownership and luxury brand position in the yachting and fashion industry. The brand stands alone, but will also sit alongside their newest clothing label, CALM.

According to Tacita Meredith, head of design and production, Crew à la mode has seen immense growth since they started in 2009. She commented, “We’re thrilled with the excellent feedback we’ve get from satisfied boat owners and crew. With our new look and innovations in stain resistant, water repellent and wrinkle-free fabrics, we’re very excited about what the future holds.”

For more information, visit Crew à la Mode.

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