Night Navigator 3 Aids in Whale Research Through Night Detection

Port Moody, BC, Canada:

Current Corporation is pleased to announce the successful detection of whales and whale spouts at night by the Centre for Whale Research (WA) Inc. through the aid of the Night Navigator 3 camera system. View video here.

The Night Navigator 3 incorporates a High-Resolution Thermal Imager, a High-Definition Night Vision Camera and a High-Definition Day Camera. The Australian-based centre is a non-profit institute established to conduct scientific research into marine mammals such as whales, dolphins and porpoises. Studies conducted by its researchers in NW Australia since 1990 have yielded new information regarding the behaviours and migratory characteristics of humpback whales.

Curt Jenner, Managing Director of the Centre for Whale Research (WA) Inc., discusses how effective the Night Navigator 3 is for detecting whales and whale spouts aboard the RV WhaleSong research vessel.

“We’re trying to find whales giving birth at night up in the Kimberly region of Northwest and Australia. And using new technology like this gives us the edge in (documenting) this sort of thing”, says Jenner.

Another important finding of the research is the value to seismic vessels in the oil and gas industries which are required to temporarily shutdown when within two kilometers of a whale sighting. The ability of the Night Navigator 3 to detect whales and whale spouts within this regulatory distance (and beyond) can be highly beneficial towards reducing the expensive downtime of seismic vessels.

“A tool like this that could give you a pinpoint distance to the whale, and especially at night, is going to be very effective in terms of protecting whales from being disturbed by the seismic vessels and also allow the seismic vessels to operate in areas where jurisdiction might prohibit them otherwise”, says Jenner.

The Night Navigator 3 also aids in the reduction of ship strikes, a worldwide concern.

“When you have a tool like the Night Navigator, you’ve instantly got a safety barrier. It’s like driving along in the daylight. It’s surprising how effective a tool it is”, says Jenner.

For more information please visit the Centre for Whale Research at

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