Discover the most exotic seas like never before

The Dolphyn® is a product patented by VirtualDive and is the first worldwide mobile aquatic console with cutting-edge technology, integrating a camcorder and a video game system.

It also integrates a 10.1 inch tablet-PC, a Wi-Fi antenna, GPS, HD webcam, joysticks as well as other types of sensors. Aquatic environments and the World Wide Web are the two immersive universes of the Dolphyn® consoles. The advent of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), underwater devices, internet and augmented reality offer new opportunities to discover and explore the oceans in an interactive and fun way.

At sea, the Dolphyn® becomes an interactive device allowing the gathering of audio-visual information (photos, videos) that can be geolocalised by GPS and shared on the internet. Augmented reality information can also be accessible while snorkelling on an aquatic trail. Therefore, the users can have access to local information describing the local sea life that has been previously positioned on our dedicated Internet collaborative platform by a nearby diving club.

For example, when entering into an interesting zone, the users will have displayed automatically on the Dolphyn® screen, the fishes, mammals or point of interests (wrecks, caves etc…) to look for. They will have multimedia pop-up information, describing the nearby underwater wonders automatically displayed on the screen. They will be able learn about the different local species. If encountered, the users will be able to take pictures or videos of the concerned animal, tag the media and post it on the dedicated internet platform. Thus, by their interactive explorations, they will participate in ocean observation and monitoring.  

The Dolphyn® can also be used in a network, so a group of users equipped with consoles will be able to communicate while exploring the sea floors, sharing their experiences and observations with those who stayed on board the yacht or with internet users around the world via social networks.

The Dolphyn® also allows live underwater video broadcasts from the sea to the yacht using available communication systems such as WiFi, 3G/4G or satellite.

The Dolphyn® is an excellent device for yachts owners that navigate around the most exotic seas around the world such as the Caribbean’s, the Indian Ocean and the Great Barrier Reef.

For more information please visit Virtual Dive  

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