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Distribution Carburants Bonifacio announces its new service offering

Marine fuel and diesel suppliers D.C.B. (Distribution Carburants Bonifacio) has announced it now offers a specialist fuel and tank cleaning service.

The highly established fuel bunkering company, which serves superyachts in the marina of Bonifacio, Corsica, and Italy and its surrounding areas, has supplemented its service offerings by introducing a fuel cleaning and filtering utility.

With fuel filtering to 0.5 microns at speeds of up to 3,600 litres per hour, D.C.B. expects the new service to prove a successful addition to its repertoire.

The process involves pumping, removing and recycling all waste oil, diesel, water and antifreeze on board. Using a specialised tanker, D.C.B. can pump out and dispose of up to 1,000 litres (per lorry) at speeds of up to 250 litres per minute.

D.C.B. is recognised as one of the leading yacht fuel suppliers in the area and has decided to expand its range of services to establish new relationships with clients who frequently visit Bonifacio and its neighbouring ports and marinas.

For more information, visit D.C.B.

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