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Dometic Marine Launches Durasea Rooftop Air Conditioner with Award winning Breathe East™ Technology

Dometic Marine, the world’s leading supplier of marine air conditioning, launches the new DuraSea Rooftop Air Conditioner (A/C) at this year’s IBEX. Featuring integrated Breathe Easy™ technology, the air-cooled unit can be installed into any horizontal deck or rooftop location to cool or heat the helm or cabin directly below it, providing a hassle-free and cost-effective HVAC solution for a range of vessels including house boats, live-aboard barges and patrol boats.

Removing the need to run air ducts or plumbing throughout the boat’s interior, the rugged and professional-grade DuraSea Rooftop A/C is installed easily and features specially coated corrosion-resistant components to offer heavy duty cooling and heating, even in harsh marine conditions. Strong L-brackets ensure the motor, compressor and evaporator are tied together to secure the system during vigorous motion and provide vibration-free operation.

The innovative DuraSea seamlessly incorporates Dometic’s award-winning Breathe Easy technology, which operates silently while purifying and cleansing the air using Photocatalytic Nano-Mesh Technology with UV light, eliminating odors, biological and chemical contaminants from the air. Independent testing confirms that the Breathe Easy reduces microbiological contaminants such as bacteria, fungi and pollen as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by up to 99.9%.

“Built to withstand the harsh marine environment, the DuraSea rooftop air conditioner is an ideal cooling solution for a range of boats and the integration of Breathe Easy technology offers exceptional air purification capability for a clean, healthy on-board environment,” comments Bill Liptak, Product Engineer at Dometic Marine and designer of the award-winning In-Duct Breathe Easy™ Air Purifier. “Simply installed in the roof to provide spot cooling directly below the unit, the DuraSea’s rugged components feature a revolutionary e-coating to ensure exceptional protection from salt air and sunlight for a high-performance and durable solution.”

The underside of the unit, accessible from the interior cabin, contains the thermostat and fan controls as well as the return-air vent and two supply-air vents that blow in opposite directions for increased cooling capability. For different levels of cooling, the high-performance fan has three-speeds and can be switched between cooling mode and ventilation-only mode. The Breathe Easy air purifier continues working in both modes. While weighing only 103lbs (46.72kg), the 15,000 BTU system is robust and strong with a top plate made of 0.40 galvanized steel and powder-coated base pan which is 15% thicker than other models.

Dometic Marine is launching its extensive range of new products, including the DuraSea Rooftop A/C at this year’s IBEX, 17-19 October 2011.

For further information please visit the Dometic Marine team at Booth 1719 or go to www.dometic.com

For a product video, go to www.dometic.com/videos

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