Dornbracht premieres Sensory Sky

Dornbracht’s Sensory Sky makes showering a unique experience. Stimulating all the senses with types of rain, fog, light and fragrances complementing one another to create complex choreographies, inspired by the moods of nature.

Throughout product development, Dornbracht’s focus has been on keeping technology in the background, ensuring Sensory Sky combines technological complexity with minimalist design. The wide and flat rain panel has separate shower fields for head sprinkler, body sprinkler and rain curtain, a cold-water fog nozzle and light and fragrance functions.

Controls are easy and convenient to use thanks to the new digital Smart Tools that Dornbracht has developed on the basis of Smart Water technology. Smart Water stands for the vision of enlisting the numerous possibilities for digitisation in the bathroom (and kitchen), and making individualised applications convenient and easier to use. A gentle press of the controls and  one of the desired scenario begins:

READJUST is a choreography that invigorates the user and sharpens the senses. Temperature controlled fog (36-39°C) and light rain (28°C) reduce the daily flood of stimuli to a soothing minimum – until the gentle light of dawn begins, the sky gradually clears and perception becomes more alert, more intense once again. The composition of fresh woody meadow herbs and sweet hints of berries is reminiscent of the soft, pleasant fragrance of a dry forest floor and reinforces feelings of liveliness after showering.

RELEASE is derived from the natural phenomenon of heavy summer rain that cleanses and liberates at the same time. Pent-up energies are unlocked in an expressive choreography of different kinds of rain, and invigorating changes in temperature and light. The choreography is accompanied by a refreshing, tropical fragrance with hints of citrus fruit and an earthy base. The change from cold (18°C) and warm (35°C) water in the rain curtain, together with the fascinating interplay of summer shower and sheet lightning, promote a feeling of liberation – a fresh beginning for body, mind and soul.

REJOICE protects, envelops and stabilises. The outer, warm rain curtain (35-38°C) becomes a projection screen for the light effects as water droplets glisten in the colours of the rainbow. A poetic fragrance composition combines fresh, clear notes with a sweet-spicy and woody finish. A multi-faceted and harmonious play with colours, fragrances and rain types that gradually transfers over the entire body and harmonises all of the senses.

A special feature of Sensory Sky is the fragrances that are synchronised to each choreography and inspired by the various weather phenomena and moods of nature. These fragrances are produced using high-quality natural essential oils and balms in co-operation with Kemitron, a specialist for spa and wellness fragrances. All fragrance compositions have also been tested by the International Fragrance Association IFRA, ensuring that they are of high quality and safe to enjoy.

Alongside the three scenarios, spray heads, nozzles, light and fragrances can also be separately set, independently of one another, for an individual shower experience. Whether the choreography is programmed or personal, Sensory Sky creates a uniquely sensual feeling, like showering in the open air.

Sensory Sky will be introduced at ISH 2013 and from autumn 2013 will be available in two different finishes:
brushed stainless steel and high-gloss stainless steel.


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