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Drettman Yachts produces next generation yacht with new POD drive system

Drettman Yachts showed Yachting Pages Media Group their next generation-designed yacht, the 24m Drettmann Explorer Yacht (DEY), and its new features, including the highly anticipated diesel-electric POD drive system, at a press announcement on the first day of the Monaco Yacht Show.

Albert Drettmann, CEO of Drettman Yachts explained, “Behind the many features this yacht has to offer is a mind set that separates itself from tradition and welcomes innovation. A prime example of this is the diesel electric POD-drive propulsion system that sets great standards of driving comfort and efficiency whilst significantly reducing the space required for machinery and making that available for use else where in owner, guest and crew areas. This makes the DEY easy to steer, with a joystick that enables the owner to handle even difficult mooring manoeuvres.”

Drettman Yachts also claimed that energy utilisation is significantly improved, whilst vibrations have been substantially reduced. The new drive system means that the engine room can be located under the forecastle deck, freeing up space on the lower deck, meaning the guest cabins are closer to the beach club (with sauna and lounge area) and the sea. The Drettmann 24m Explorer Yacht is the first yacht in its class to incorporate this along with a gym and a bar.

The interior design by Claudia Drettmann in cooperation with Birgit Schnaase makes optimum use of the available space to celebrate a modern look combined with urban casualness, with accentuating features such as a blood-red bar counter and Italian furniture.

Albert went on to explain to Yachting Pages, “To us, it is of prime importance not merely to claim the qualities of the new Explorer Generation, but to back these claims with experience. POD technology, for example, has already been successfully used in professional shipping for a long time, but we are the first company to use this system in a 24-metre yacht. This is a world premiere – and just one of many innovations of which we are justly proud of.”

For more information, visit Drettman Yachts

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