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Dual engine capability now possible with upgraded firmware

Actisense, leading marine electronic company has upgraded their popular Engine Monitoring Unit (EMU-1) with advanced new firmware. The device, which acts as a specialised analogue to the NMEA 2000 interface, is designed to operate specifically with engines on water crafts and now offers greater flexibility by allowing monitoring of dual engines or multiple tanks - a feature requested by Actisense users.

Phil Whitehurst, managing director of Active Research Limited said, “Often a vessel will have two engines with a small number of gauges. The EMU-1 can now monitor two engines where each engine has three (or less) gauges that require monitoring. Where dual engines have more than three gauges each to monitor, multiple EMU-1 units are required.”

Alternatively, the EMU-1 can be used to monitor fluid levels in up to six tanks at any one time. The addition of a configurable ‘instance’ for each tank allows the user to identify which tank the data is coming from, making the monitoring of fluid levels easier than ever.

The EMU-1 was designed to simplify the conversion of analogue engine parameters (of temperature, pressure, Tach / RPM etc.) into the corresponding NMEA 2000 engine parameter PGNs. The EMU-1 can handle six gauge/parameter inputs (these can be instead of the gauge or in parallel with the gauge), four alarm inputs, two tach inputs and two additional auxiliary inputs, which are flexible to suit each installation. Most notably, the device is backwards-compatible with older engines.

Phil Whitehurst continued, “The EMU-1 has already proven to meet the rigorous demands of the marine environment and has become one of our most popular products. The new capabilities will make the EMU-1 the installers ‘product of choice’ for engine monitoring.”

For more information please visit Actisense

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