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Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon has a view to a change at Southampton Boat Show

Simon Le Bon, lead singer of Duran Duran, has appeared at the Southampton Boat Show to officially open Sunseeker’s stand and showcase his support for partner foundation BLUE (Blue Marine Foundation), of which he is an ambassador.

Arriving at the show aboard a Sunseeker yacht, Le Bon stated to SuperyachtNews, “I’m really happy that this brand has come on board with BLUE, which is an organisation I have been involved with for about five or six years now. It’s about time that the people who get the most out of the sea and use the sea the most, actually do something about the issues it faces.”

Le Bon’s relationship with the yachting industry is well documented, and he continues to spend his time – when he’s not performing to thousands of fans across the globe – racing in competitive sailing regattas.

“As a leisure boater, I see what is happening to the sea,” he added. “You look in the Mediterranean, and it’s appalling. It’s really sad and frightening if you think about the knock-on effects [the pollution] will have on humanity.”

In August it was announced that Sunseeker had launched a new marine conservation programme on the Balearic Island of Menorca with its longstanding charity partner, BLUE. To help promote this initiative, Sunseeker held an interactive installation on its Southampton Boat Show stand – featuring a number of artworks highlighting the impact of actions such as overfishing and improper plastic disposal.

“It’s stunning but very poignant,” Le Bon told SuperyachtNews. “I think the chandelier made out of plastic bottles is extraordinary. It’s beautiful and terrifying… Sunseeker are smart enough to realise that if you have a playground toy but the playground is a stinking rubbish tip, what is the use in having the toy?”

“The sea is a beautiful thing," he added in a statement to Sunseeker. "We all grew up thinking it was perfect, pristine, and it would always stay that way. However, now we’re starting to see the reality of humanity’s impact on the world’s waters. It is a disaster unfolding before our eyes.

"If we want to preserve the living seas, we have a lot of work to do and it heartens me to see brands like Sunseeker working really hard to raise awareness and implement projects that will help us in our endeavour.”

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