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DYT Yacht Transport joins an urgent mission to save the oceans

DYT Yacht Transport (DYT) has joined non-profit organisation OCEARCH to support its study of sharks and other large ocean predators that are essential to the future of the marine ecosystem.

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, DYT offers yacht transportation to lots of interesting vessels on board its semi-submersible ships, but none have been more interesting than that of recent passenger, 38m motor ship, OCEARCH.

Currently making its way from Port Everglades, Florida to Brisbane, Australia, the motor ship travelled on board the DYT’s 686’ flagship Yacht Express, a trip that will mark its 21st expedition.

Upon arrival in Brisbane, the OCEARCH and it’s team will work to find out more about the conservation and migration of tiger sharks, capturing and tagging as many as possible during their expedition. Once a shark is tagged, anyone anywhere in the world will then be able to follow it in real time using OCEARCH’s Global Shark Tracker. 

Chris Fischer, founder and expedition leader at OCEARCH said, “By moving OCEARCH around the world, DYT is helping the ocean recover faster, and that is critical if we want to successfully accomplish our mission.”

The M/V OCEARCH is powered by two Cat engines and three Cat generators to powers its on-board laboratory and custom 75,000 pound capacity research platform that can life a 5,000 pound shark along with a team of scientists and crew – with one degree of list, conditions permitting.

Fischer continued, “If we were to drive the vessel to Australia ourselves, it would take us 60 days and our people and equipment would be totally taxed. The gift that DYT is giving to Australia by delivering OCEARCH there is one that affects every person who loves the ocean and uses the beaches. We hope this marks the first voyage of many with them.”

DYT’s PR and marketing officer, Catalina Bujor added, “DYT Yacht Transport recognises the important of the research done by OCEARCH and is proud to be able to support the organisation in conducting its work.”

The OCEARCH team will begin its research in Australia in early 2015.

To find out more, visit DYT Yacht Transport.

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