Energy saving galley ventilation by Heinen & Hopman

Heinen & Hopman has developed a cost effective way to ventilate galleys using an induction system. This modified solution creates an air envelope around the cooking area, extracting almost all fumes and contamination.

The induction system feeds air from the central air-handling unit directly to the galley range hood, reducing energy loss as not all the treated air in the kitchen is extracted by the hood. This means that, ultimately, the galley is not only nearly free from fumes, smells and contaminants; it is also saving money by saving energy.

Jessica van Montfoort, communication manager at Heinen & Hopman said, “When master chefs are cooking exquisite food for the owner and guests on a superyacht, they only use the finest ingredients and the best tools available on the market.  The same applies to the air conditioning system, which must be able to create and maintain first class working conditions in the main galley. Creating the perfect working conditions for chefs and staff, like all other Heinen & Hopman equipment our induction units can be fully tailored to the client’s wishes”.

The central air-handling unit is specially designed for the main galley and both systems; induction and treated air are built together in one central air-handling unit. Now 50% of the total galley extraction air is directly fed into the galley range hood. A further 30% of the air is treated by the unit and fed to cabin units mounted in the ceiling directly around the hood. The remaining 20% between the air supply and exhaust is kept under constant pressure to negate any strong odours developing inside the galley. The complete main galley ventilation system is also fitted with a SCADA control and monitoring system.

Heinen & Hopman has also recently introduced the Turbocor compressors, which it says achieves the highest overall efficiencies for HVAC-R applications in the maritime sector.

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