Espresso machine and waste-compacting device for luxury yachts

IACOBUCCI HF has designed and crafted the I|SYSTEM, a compact built-in espresso machine for the luxury yacht market.  The machine is 15cm in width and can be easily integrated into the galley or cabin of the yacht.

The I|SYSTEM works with any paper coffee pods brand offering a variety of profiles and aromas categorised by cup size and level of intensity.

IACOBUCCI HF has also designed W|SYSTEM, the first built-in waste compacting system designed to optimize the use of space, reducing the volumes of extra waste and keeping it stored safely.  Joining low power consumption with two tons of compacting force it is energy efficient and reliable.  Made of high-resistant aluminium, waterproof cartoon boxes it compacts non organic waste including aluminium, plastic, tetrapak and glass, up to champagne bottles significantly reducing the waste volume.

In line with its eco-sustainable philosophy, the boxes are made of 100% recyclable material. The system can be used to differentiate waste disposal and it has been developed to compact huge amounts of waste in small boxes.

IACOBUCCI HF products will be showcased at Festival de la Plaisance Cannes, 11th to 16th September.

The IACOBUCCI HF Group is a galley inserts supplier in the aeronautical and yacht markets.  


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