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Experiencing Fischer Panda Hybrid Drive Systems

Germany based Fischer Panda GmbH recently invited interested skippers, customers, to their "Second Hybrid Drive Systems" event in the Dutch town of Heerenveen.

Fischer Panda gave all participants the opportunity to test drive and experience these systems in the harbour. As in 2013, they brought various boats, each featuring a different drive system, to Heerenveen which were all available for testing.

The boats in detail:

Fischer Panda Sloop: Fitted with a rotatable 10 kW POD motor ("Aziprop motor") featuring Kort nozzle and a 10 kW /48 V generator. The sloop is currently the test boat for Fischer Panda’s 48 V systems.

4m California Skiff boat with a 48V, 200 Ah Li-Ion battery bank and driven by a 48V / 10 kW Aziprop motor with tractor propeller. The low weight of the boat in relation to the thrust of the drive enables a high speed and planing of the boat.

5m California Skiff boat fitted with a 48V / 10 kW Aziprop drive and Kort nozzle, Easybox and an AGM battery bank (140 Ah).

Shakespeare sports boat with a 48 V / 10 kW Aziprop drive. Its speed is 21 km per hour. It is equipped with 4 AGM batteries (60 Ah).

Former waterski boat fitted with a very powerful 20 kW shaft motor and a small 6kW / 288V generator which acts as a range extender and ensures that the boat can return to the harbour even when the batteries are empty. It is equipped with 8 AGM batteries (100 Ah).

12t Broom 37 - The "flagship" of the Fischer Panda fleet was the M/Y “Solagüen”, a Broom 37 with a weight of 12 tons. This yacht is fitted with two 30 kW Fischer Panda shaft motors. These are supplied from a 288V battery bank with a capacity of 110 Ah. The yacht has a 36 kW / 288V generator and a 13 kW / 288V generator (both generators work as drive generators and can supply the motors, charge the batteries or both and also ensure on-board power supply). Additionally, the “Solagüen” has a third generator with 10 kW / 230V dedicated for its on-board power supply. The Broom 37 almost provides all the possibilities of the new 288V Hybrid Drive System.

With 20 kW (of 60 kW installed capacity) the Broom 37 reaches a speed of about 12.5 km/h. At full power (60 kW) the boat reaches about 15.5 km/h. That means that three times the power is needed for an increase of 3 km/h from 80% to 100% hull speed, or from a different perspective: 30% of the power is sufficient to achieve 80% of the hull speed.

Last but not least, on show was the Antares, which is a comfortable house and travel boat and well suited for trips on the Dutch channels. This boat is equipped with a conventional 45 kW drive engine and has a Fischer Panda generator on board which ensures the power supply.

Martin Mews, head of the department diesel-electric drive systems, commented "Our guests can convince themselves of the perfect combination of power and tranquillity and they experience the highly dynamic driving properties of the electric motor on-board our boats. The combination of theory and practice at first hand is perfect."

For more information please visit Fischer Panda

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