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Explore the ocean with the new Ortega Explorer

Dutch engineers Ortega have announced the introduction of the Ortega Explorer, a fast one-person submersible, ideal for treasure hunting, archeological research and other submersed adventures.

Powered by specially developed lithium batteries and a brushless pod drive of 4.9 Kw/6.5 HP of power output, the Ortega Explorer has a surface speed of 7.6 knots and range of 51 nautical miles. Fully equipped with a trim tank and on-board scuba system, the submersible supports a dive depth of up to 40m (130ft).

Each Explorer can be equipped with sonar, magnetometers and range or cargo extenders depending of the nature of its use. It's modest dimensions and low weight makes it the ideal submersible to have on board.

The Ortega Explorer will be launched in Monaco in 2015.


Production - Enschede, The Netherlands
Beam – 1.86ft
Length – 13.26ft
Power system – Specially developed fast charging Lithium Polymer battery system (patent pending)
Propulsion – Brushless electrical pod drive 4,9 Kw / 6,5 HP of power output
Surface range – 51 nautical miles. Submersed range of 22 nautical miles
Surface speed – 14.1kmh / 7.6kts
Submersed speed – 5kmh / 2.7kts
Maximum depth – 40m / 130ft

For more information, visit Ortega Submersibles.

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